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Comfort Control has been the reliable company for value cooling and heating in Winder, GA and the surrounding areas since 1992.

Is AC maintenance worth it near Winder?

In a word, yes, AC maintenance is always worth it! When you stay up-to-date with your spring AC maintenance, you don’t just have assurance that your air conditioner will work well throughout the summer, but you also get:

  • Maintained Warranty Coverage - most manufacturers require regular service to keep the warranty valid.
  • Fewer Breakdowns - a well-maintained AC system requires repair a lot less often.
  • Longer Service Life - air conditioners that receive maintenance every spring last up to 50% longer than air conditioners that don’t.
  • Lower Energy Costs - regular maintenance means your AC runs more efficiently and uses less energy.
  1. How much does air conditioning repair cost near Winder?

The cost of air conditioning repairs near Winder will vary depending on what’s wrong with the AC and the parts and labor required to fix your AC. Minor issues can cost as little as $200 to fix while major repairs can be as much as $1,500+. However, most air conditioning repairs cost around $350 to $400.

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