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Air Conditioner & Heating System FAQs

Why is hot air coming out of my vents when the air conditioning is on near Suwanee GA?

There could be a number of reasons why hot air is coming out of your vents instead of cool air in your home near Suwanee, GA:

  • Tripped Outdoor Circuit - A central AC has both an interior and exterior breaker. If the outdoor breaker has tripped, the unit will continue working but will not produce cool air.
  • Clogged Air Filter - When an air filter becomes very dirty, it clogs airflow throughout a home, not allowing cool air to circulate.
  • Low Refrigerant Levels - Refrigerant runs on a closed circuit, so if levels are low it most likely means you have a leak. When levels are low, the unit cannot produce enough cool air to cool your home.
  • Compressor is Broken - The compressor works to circulate refrigerant, so if this important part is not working properly, the air coming into your home will not be cool.

If you are having issues with your home’s AC, we can help! Contact Comfort Control today for prompt, precise air conditioning repair services!

What type of maintenance should be done on my home HVAC system near Suwanee GA?

You should have an HVAC maintenance service done on your unit twice a year in Suwanee, GA. This service is also known as a tune-up on your heating and cooling system, as the technicians performing the service will clean, inspect and correct any problems your system may be having.

For more information on our HVAC maintenance service, or to schedule an appointment, contact Comfort Control today!

How much does it cost to repair my home air conditioning system near Suwanee GA?

The cost to repair your home air conditioning system near Suwanee, GA really depends on what is wrong with your system. On average, AC repairs cost about $350 as most of them are pretty minor in scope. Larger repairs, however, can cost as much as $2,000 for complicated leak repairs or compressor replacements.

For a more accurate estimate on an air conditioning system repairs, contact Comfort Control today!

How do I know if my indoor air is clean near Suwanee GA?

To determine whether your indoor air is clean in your home near Suwanee, GA, the experts at Comfort Control can help. We will perform an Air Quality Evaluation to test your home’s indoor air quality. We will use a high-sensitivity laser particle scanner to measure the particulate parts per million in the air and then analyze the results. To schedule your evaluation, contact us today!

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