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Why is my air conditioner running but not cooling my Roswell area home?

Your air conditioner may be running but not cooling your Roswell area home because:

  • Your air filters are dirty. 
  • Your thermostat is set to ON instead of AUTO. 
  • Your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak. 

The first two issues are easy to resolve on your own since you can change your air filters and set your thermostat to AUTO and COOL. However, if your air conditioner is not working properly because of a refrigerant leak, you will need an HVAC technician to repair it. To get your air conditioner repaired, call us today

How much does it cost to repair a home AC unit near Roswell, GA?

It costs around $350-$600 to repair a home AC unit in Roswell, GA. However, the price to repair your home AC unit will depend on what the issue is and how difficult it is to resolve it. Some AC unit repairs can be simple, whereas others can be more complex and therefore expensive. For example, a broken compressor can cost up to $1,200 to repair. To get your home AC unit repaired, give us a call today

Can an HVAC system leak be fixed?

Yes, an HVAC system leak can be fixed. Although, the difficulty of the repair can vary depending on how severe the refrigerant leak is. In some cases, if the leak is very severe, an HVAC technician may suggest you have your refrigerant coil replaced. The cost to replace your refrigerant coil and recharge your refrigerant can be expensive, but worthwhile in the end since it will greatly reduce the risk of the problem arising again after the repair is complete. To get your HVAC system’s leak repaired, contact us today

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