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How much does it cost to have my home AC system serviced near Norcross?

It costs around $150-$350 to have your home AC system serviced in Norcross, GA. AC system maintenance usually includes: 

  • A cleaning of your entire AC unit.
  • An inspection and lubrication of your AC unit’s parts.
  • A replacement of your AC unit’s air filter.

If you get your AC system on a maintenance plan, you may also be able to receive discounts on repairs with your AC servicing. To get your home AC system serviced, contact us today [Link to:].

How much does AC repair service cost near Norcross?

AC repair service usually costs around $350-$600 in Norcross, GA. Some things that can cause the price to fluctuate are:

  • What type of AC repair.
  • The level of AC repair.
  • The contractor's hourly fee.

Another thing that can impact the price of your air conditioner repair is if the repair requires replacement components. To get your AC unit repaired [Link to:], give us a call today.

Is a HVAC service plan worth it near Norcross?

Yes, an HVAC service plan is worth it in Norcross, GA. Some benefits of getting your HVAC on a maintenance plan include: 

  • Your HVAC system lasts longer. 
  • Your HVAC system requires less repairs. 
  • Your HVAC system is covered under warranty. 

When you have your HVAC system on a maintenance plan, you will also save money on repairs and energy each year. To find out more about getting your HVAC system on a maintenance plan, call us today.


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