Indoor Air Solutions for the Dry Heated Air

There are plenty of reasons to hate the cold weather, from the danger posed by icy and snowy roads and a lack of sunlight to seasonal depression and the pain of high heating bills. But if you heat with electricity or live in a home with baseboard heating, there is one more reason to view the coming winter months with trepidation.

Electric heat is convenient and easy to use, but all that dry heat can leave you and your family feeling uncomfortable and even trigger allergies and asthma symptoms in vulnerable family members. Humidity levels drop in the winter months, and the dry heated air just makes things worse. If you do not want to spend another winter fighting itching, dry skin, frequent colds and other issues, it is important to implement some effective indoor air solutions.

A Clean Home is a Comfortable Home

If it seems like dust accumulates more quickly in the winter months, it is not your imagination. The combination of dry heated air and a closed environment can cause dirt, dust mites and other indoor pollutants to accumulate more quickly.

The accumulation of indoor air pollution means that you will need to vacuum your home more frequently than you did in the warmer months. Keeping your home neat and tidy is one of the best ways to fight back against dry indoor air and keep your family as comfortable as possible.

Clean the Air

Even the cleanest home will still have some dust and other allergens, but you can keep them at bay with a good air purifier. Look for an air purifier that is designed for dry environments, one that filters out bacteria and other disease-causing particles and leaves your home cleaner, fresher and more livable.

Cleaning the air with an air purifier is important, but adding a humidifier can make your family even more comfortable. Every time you turn on your furnace and feel the heat flow, the humidity inside your home drops as moisture is sucked out and heat is introduced. Using a humidifier is the best way to return that moisture to your indoor environment.

You can also use specialty humidifiers and vaporizers, especially in the bedrooms. A vaporizer filled with soothing medication can reduce your cold symptoms and keep your kids more comfortable when the sniffles strike. Whether you use a vaporizer, a humidifier or both, adding steam and soothing vapor to your home is a great way to fight back against winter dryness and keep your family warm and cozy all winter long

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