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Did you know that over 80% of the heating and cooling systems installed in Georgia are performing at well below their designed efficiency and capacity? In fact the average system is performing at about 56% of it’s rated efficiency. This is mind blowing! We didn’t believe it ourselves until we measured and tested our customers systems, even the ones we installed were not performing at their designed levels. I always wondered why some of our customers complained that their utility bills didn’t change much with the new system and they still had uncomfortable rooms.

I searched for the answer for years and I finally found it. I discovered a company called the National Comfort Institute. They figured out through measuring and testing static pressure, Airflow, carbon monoxide levels and looking at the duct system that these newly installed high efficiency systems were starving for air. the duct work just wasn’t capable of delivering the necessary airflow for the system to perform properly. On the heating side they also found that the co levels were way off because no one had calibrated the gas valve. After finding out about this I immediately sent all of my technicians to their training facility and had them all certified. We now have the tools and the technology to solve any heating and cooling issue including indoor air quality issues.

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