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Restore Indoor Comfort with Our Buford-Based Services

Do you need fast heating repair in Buford or North Georgia before your house becomes uncomfortable or unlivable? Or do you need to set an appointment for something that is not quite an emergency yet? Comfort Control can help make the cold season enjoyable again with expert heating repair.

Are You Experiencing Any of These Signs?

If any of these signs are familiar, a professional heating repair can eliminate them and tackle the root of the issue, restoring both your heat and the unit’s efficiency.

  • Uneven heat – If your heating unit is struggling, it won’t be able to distribute heat as far as it once could.
  • Weird smells – A burning smell can indicate an electrical error. A slight burning smell can be normal when you bring your heat out of hibernation, but pay attention if it persists.
  • Unfamiliar noises – There might be a loose part or the unit could be short-cycling, a repeated action that will eventually cause wear and a breakdown.
  • Gas burner is yellow – If you have a furnace, a yellow flame instead of a blue flame can indicate a serious carbon monoxide issue. It’s often accompanied by excess moisture in on your walls and windows. This is an emergency.

Whatever you may be experiencing, Comfort Control has licensed and qualified technicians to fix any breakdowns.

Call an Expert HVAC Company

What makes an HVAC company an expert HVAC company? For Comfort Control, it means years in the field, pride in quality workmanship, a passion for what’s next, and knowledge of how to deliver amazing customer service.

To get your heat repaired and enjoy your indoor comfort once more, call Comfort Control at (770) 999-9658.

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