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Heat Pump Installation

Residential Heat Pump Replacement Near Buford, GA

Heat pumps are well suited for our North Georgia climate. It’s important not just to get a quality system, but to get one that satisfies a variety of your needs and preferences. There are several options, and no matter which one you choose, Comfort Control provides a professional installation.

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Your Heat Pump Options

Here are the top three things to consider before selecting a heat pump.

Energy Ratings

Heat pumps are rated for their heating and their cooling abilities individually, SPSF and SEER respectively. The higher the ratings, the greater their efficiency. Particularly efficient models will boast an Energy Star qualification, which is government regulated. That means a company cannot simply claim to be Energy Star qualified, but has to meet real standards first.

Variable Speed Compressors

This is just a fancy phrase for heat pumps that can run at different speeds when appropriate in order to raise efficiency. This variable speed also helps control humidity.

Noise Level

If you’ve never had a quiet heating or cooling unit, it can be difficult to imagine just how nice peace and quiet really is without constant cycling noises.

Ask about our Carrier Infinity Heat Pumps.

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