Georgia Power Gives Thumbs Up On The Work Of Comfort Control

Our articles are mainly reserved for Comfort Control sharing ideas on how you can better your heating or cooling situation. However, In our latest post we have a very special posting; it is an open letter from one of our customers about the work they had done from Comfort Control. We are especially proud of the work we do and we are excited that, according to our customer, Georgia Power would comment on the quality of our work.

Open Letter From A Comfort Control Customer


Recently I had Georgia Power come in and do an energy audit to see where we could make some improvements in order to lower our energy costs. I highly recommend having it done. It’s free and the report they give you back is very comprehensive. They look at your heating and air units, your duct work, your windows and doors for drafts, chimney, appliances, etc. etc. 

Secondly, I wanted to share with you the comment that the Energy Representative made regarding our heating and air systems. He said the installation of our furnace was the best he had seen in the 20+ years he has been doing audits. Specifically, the way the Comfort Control installer sealed everything up around the furnace, duct work, etc. to make sure the system ran efficiently. He also commented on the fact that the system they recommended was the right size unit for our size house. Other companies that we got quotes from wanted us to purchase a larger unit but all that would have done was waste energy. I know a number of Ruby Forest homeowners already use Comfort Control but if you are not using them and are looking for a great heating and air company I highly recommend them especially after this audit. They are local right here in Buford and have been very responsive to our needs. You can reach Comfort Control at 770-203-1600 or

Lastly, if anyone has had a great experience with a window installation company please email me at and let me know who and why you like them. Thanks in advance for the help.

Roger S.

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