Finding the Best Temperature for a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep has never been more important, or more difficult. Problems with short-term sleeplessness and long-term insomnia are running rampant in today’s society, and the problem is only expected to get worse.

These sleep problems can create all manner of problems for men and women in their waking hours, from increases in traffic accidents to decreases in productivity at work. If you want to get a good night’s sleep and feel better during the day, you need to create the proper sleep environment, and that starts with setting the optimum temperature in the bedroom.

Avoiding Spousal Disagreements

One of the biggest problems with finding the perfect sleep temperature is that there is no one perfect temperature. Anyone who has ever argued with their spouse over the setting of the thermostat will understand that there is no such thing as a perfect temperature.

If you and your spouse are to get a good night’s sleep and keep the peace, you need to reach a happy medium before you turn in for the night. If your spouse likes the temperature a cool 62 degrees and you prefer 70 degrees, why not meet in the middle and set the thermostat at 66 degrees? Reaching a happy medium may require a bit of compromise, but that is what marriage is all about.

Creating the Perfect Sleep Nest

Your bedroom should be an oasis of relaxation in a hectic world, and you need to make the most of it. You should strive to make your bed a comfortable nest, one where the temperature is perfectly set and stable through the night and the distractions are as limited as possible.

You can keep the temperature in your sleep nest more stable by investing in a quality set of curtains, drapes or blinds. Blackout shades and blinds are great for sleeping in the summer, when the sun rises early and sets later in the evening.

Even if you do not choose blackout blinds, the right window coverings can reduce temperature fluctuations and keep your Suwanee area home comfortable through the night. You may need to experiment a big to find the perfect temperature, but once you do, you will be glad you took the time.

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your comfort and even your safety, so you need to take your sleep environment, and your sleep temperature, at optimum levels. The nights can get pretty cool in Suwanee, even in the summer months, and the warmth and humidity can make getting to sleep quite difficult. By setting your AC system properly, you can set yourself up for an exceptional night’s sleep, and a great day to follow.

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