Common Types of Air Conditioning Repairs

You rely on your air conditioning system to keep your home, and your family, cool and comfortable when the weather gets hot. No matter what kind of home you own or where you live, you expect your AC system to cool your home quickly and be there when you need it.

When your air conditioning system breaks down on the hottest day of the year, you cannot afford to wait. You need that AC system fixed, and you need it fixed now. Knowing who to call when your air conditioning system breaks down is important, but so is understanding the most common types of AC repairs. Modern air conditioning systems are complicated and technologically sophisticated, but they are still prone to some very common problems. Here are three of the most frequently needed AC repairs.

#1. Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant in your air conditioning unit is what allows it to cool your home quickly and efficiently. When your AC system is operating normally, the refrigerant flows through the internal pipes and tubing, completing a circuit and keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Unfortunately, refrigerant leaks are a common source of trouble for air conditioning systems. If your AC unit is working hard and your home is still not cool, the problem could be a refrigerant leak.

#2. A Failed Compressor

The compressor is a vital part of any air conditioning system, and when it breaks your home will quickly heat up. If your home is no longer cool and comfortable, start by listening for the sound of the compressor.

If you do not hear the compressor running, chances are it has failed. That means you should call an experienced HVAC technician right away to repair or replace that failed compressor.

#3. Fan Problems

The compressor keeps your AC system running, and the refrigerant keeps the room cool, but it is the fan that distributes the cool air around your home. If you feel the cold air emerging from the AC unit but it is not reaching the rest of the room, the fan is probably to blame.

Again, it is important to call an experienced HVAC technician to replace a failed or faulty fan. An HVAC technician will have the experience and expertise needed to make the repairs, and they will have access to the parts they need.

Knowing the common points of failure for your air conditioning unit is very important. Once you know where your AC system could fail, it will be easier to make repairs and get the system back up and running again.

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