Comfort Club

Join The Club For Buford, GA Area HVAC Maintenance 

At Comfort Control, we pride ourselves on having the most extensive and valuable heating and cooling maintenance plan in Buford and the surrounding areas. All of our comfort experts have system performance certifications through the National Comfort Institute.

Our preventative maintenance plan includes:

  • Carbon Monoxide/Oxygen Ratio Testing
  • Temperature Rise Testing
  • Static Pressure Testing
  • BTU Measurements
  • Gas Pressure Testing
  • Superheat/Subcooling Measurements
  • Electrical Performance Testing

The Basics

Our Comfort Club Membership includes two annual visits, one for the heating system, and one for the cooling system. During these visits we thoroughly clean and inspect the units (including the changing of standard 1” filters) to optimize their energy efficiency, ensure safe operation and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns. 

Being a Comfort Club Member grants you up to 10% off of all repairs as well as priority scheduling. Keeping a maintenance plan also maintains and validates manufacturer warranties.

Key Terms

Temperature Rise: This is the difference between the temperature of the return air and the conditioned supply air from your system. Poorly calibrated temperature rise will lead to poor system efficiency.

Static Pressure: This is the resistance your system must fight in order to move air. High static pressure will lead to poor airflow, poor system performance and high utility bills

BTU: acronym for British Thermal Unit. Systems are designed to deliver a certain amount of BTUs, but many systems do not actually deliver this capacity due to poor airflow, poorly designed duct/delivery systems and improperly sized equipment.

Gas Pressure: Improperly sized gas lines can lead to an incorrect amount of fuel being delivered to the system. Consequences of improper gas pressure can vary from loss of efficiency to major safety concerns.

Superheat/Subcooling: These are measurements that let an expert know if a system has a proper amount of refrigerant to deliver maximum efficiency

Electrical Performance: System components are rated to receive and deliver a certain amount of amperage, voltage, microfarads, etc. Improper electrical measurements can lead to high energy bills as well as premature system failure and costly breakdowns.

Individual Tune-Ups

Tune-ups are an excellent way to give our service a try. With a seasonal tune up, you get everything that you would get in one visit on our Comfort Club Membership, but with no obligations. 

Individual tune-ups are offered for both cooling and heating seasons. They don’t provide the value, priority service or discounts that a Comfort Club Membership would grant you, but they’re a great way to try us out and see what makes our services different!

Contact us today at (770) 203-1600 to learn more about our Comfort Club Membership or to schedule an appointment for a tune-up.

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