Clever Ways to Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit

Trying to live in the Suwanee area without a central air conditioning unit can be an exercise in frustration. The days here are warm even in early spring, and by mid-summer the temperatures are downright sweltering. When you add in the humidity for which the region is known, it is easy to see why so many of your neighbors have already ditched their window units in favor of the comfort and simplicity of a central AC system.

If you decide to make the switch for your own Suwanee area home, you will be glad you did. But once that central air unit is in place, you will have a new problem to confront.

A Necessary Eyesore

The outdoor units that make central air so powerful and keep your home so comfortable are large and bulky, and not exactly attractive. You want to keep the cool comfort of your central AC system, but you do not want to sacrifice your home’s curb appeal in the process.

The good news is you can have the best of both worlds. You can continue to enjoy a cooler and more comfortable summer in your Suwanee area home, without the necessary eyesore of your outdoor AC unit. Here are some smart ideas for hiding that bulky outdoor unit and transforming the look of your home.

Fence It In

With a few wood pallets, wood pickets and other simple supplies, you can design an attractive fence for your outdoor air conditioning unit. Once that fencing is in place, you can decorate it with flowers, plants and other creative accoutrements.

If you choose to decorate your new fence with real plants, you will need to be careful which ones you choose. Avoid climbing vines that could grow toward the outdoor unit and clog the intakes. You will also need to keep the area neatly trimmed and leave sufficient room between the fencing and the outdoor AC unit.

Add an Artificial Hedge

Boxing in your outdoor AC unit with a real hedge is a bad idea, since the foliage will grow into the unit over time and create possible blockages. An artificial hedge, on the other hand, presents no such challenges, and this faux foliage is a great way to disguise your outdoor AC unit.

You can find these faux hedges at garden centers, home improvement stores and even on the Internet. Once they are in place, these artificial hedges will improve your home’s curb appeal and give your outdoor AC unit the protection it deserves.

Potted Trees

Tall potted trees are great for hiding your outdoor AC unit. No matter which varieties you choose, you will create a wonderful new look for your front porch. The tall plants will also give your outdoor AC unit extra protection from wind, snow and rain, making maintenance easier and reducing potential problems.

Your outdoor AC unit plays an important role in your family’s comfort, but you do not have to let it become an eyesore. The clever ideas outlined above can keep your outdoor AC unit out of sight and improve the exterior look of your home.

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