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Commonly Used HVAC Terms & Definitions
Sometimes it seems like heating and air conditioning contractors speak their own language, and that is true to some extent. Every business has its own special lingo,…
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5 Reasons an Old HVAC System Could Cost You More Than Money
When to Replace an HVAC System The expected lifespan of any heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is 15 to 20 years, notes the U.S. Department…
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Georgia Power Gives Thumbs Up On The Work Of Comfort Control
Our articles are mainly reserved for Comfort Control sharing ideas on how you can better your heating or cooling situation. However, In our latest post we have…
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Now is the Time to Insulate Windows and Doors Against Drafts
No matter how efficient your heating system is, air leaks in your home’s envelope, particularly around doors and windows, can have a major impact on your comfort…
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How Programmable Thermostats Save Money All Year Long
Programmable Thermostats & Energy Savings With energy costs perpetually on the rise, saving money on energy bills is a major priority for Georgia homeowners. There…
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