Energy Effeciency

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Does Your Home Pass the Energy Efficiency Test?
No matter what part of the Suwanee area you call home, you know about the challenges you face when heating and cooling your home. The Suwanee area…
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Find & Qualify For Energy Saving Rebates
Everyone has an interest in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, including the companies that sell us our power. Energy supplies know that they have an…
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5 Ways To Save Money When You Do Laundry
Laundry is something that’s unavoidable in life. We all have to do it. If you can save money while doing it, you should take advantage.…
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The Interrelated Systems in Your Energy-Efficient Home
Everyone wants to have a comfortable, energy-efficient home; an energy-efficient home saves money, plain and simple. One way to achieve this goal is to think…
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How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill
Whether you live in a temperate climate or a place where the winters are downright bone-chilling, there is something even scarier than all that ice,…
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What’s the Difference Between Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation?
Given the exorbitant price of electricity, which is so high you’d think it’s made of gold, cooling the home is the bane of many Georgia…
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How the Systems in Your Atlanta Home Work Together for Energy Efficiency
House Systems and Energy Efficiency There are four major systems in your home that work together to keep you comfortable: HVAC, ductwork, the shell, and…
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Use Energy Efficiently This Holiday Season
Here come the holidays, and if you’re like many Americans who like to do it up in style, big energy bills will follow. Between lighting…
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Now is the Time to Insulate Windows and Doors Against Drafts
No matter how efficient your heating system is, air leaks in your home’s envelope, particularly around doors and windows, can have a major impact on your comfort…
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Leaky Ducts Can Account for 25-30% Higher Cost of Energy Bills
You’ve had your annual heating system tune-up and sealed the air leaks in your home, and now you’re ready to save money when colder weather arrives in…
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