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Best Heating and Cooling Options for a Finished Basement

Finishing your basement is one of the best ways to increase the living space, and the livability, of your home. Whether you use your newfound space as a home office, a spot for playing video games or a dedicated man cave, you will be giving your family a gift that will last as long as the house itself.

It your home already has a finished basement, you already know how important it is to maintain a comfortable temperature in that extra space. If you are getting ready to transform your rough basement to a finished living space, you will quickly understand the importance of choosing quality heating and cooling options for your new set of rooms. You will be able to choose from a number of heating and cooling options, and doing your homework now will serve you well later.

If you are heating a large space and want to make use of the entire basement, you might want to add registers to your existing HVAC system. This option works well if you already have the ductwork in place. You can also choose to expand your existing HVAC ductwork to accommodate the additional space and make room for more registers.

Some homeowners choose to purchase a vented standalone unit to heat their finished basements. This option can be a good one, especially if you have always wanted a pellet stove or similar heating system. Pellet stoves are great for heating small areas, but a large stove can keep even a large finished basement warm and comfortable.

Electric space heaters are also useful for heating finished basements. This option works very well for smaller finished basements, and for segmented spaces that are broken up into a number of rooms. Electric space heaters allow you to move your heat source from room to room, providing a cost-effective solution to your home comfort needs.

When it comes to cooling your finished basement, you have a number of choices as well. A portable air conditioning unit can work very well for your finished basement, providing a flexible solution and allowing you to move the unit from place to place. If your finished basement contains a number of rooms, you can easily move the portable unit around to keep the occupied space comfortable when the temperature starts to soar.

If your finished basement is large and unsegmented, it may make more sense to expand your existing air conditioning system. Running additional ductwork and adding new outlets can keep the entire space cool in the summer and give your family the comfort they deserve.

Finishing the basement is one of the smartest home improvement projects you can do. Your family will appreciate the added living space now, and you will appreciate the increase in value when it comes time to sell. Taking the time to learn about your heating and cooling options now will help make your finished basement more comfortable, and more valuable, later.