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An Update to Our Service Zone Policy

Official Release December 2016: Comfort Control Expands Service Area

Recently, we here at Comfort Control made a decision to narrow down our service area. We did this in order to provide better, faster service to our customers close by. However, many of you have expressed your disappointment in having to look elsewhere for a service provider. We understand the frustration, as great service is hard to find and many of you have built relationships with our Comfort Experts. Because of this, we have decided to make another change. We will now provide service to many zip codes that were previously cut from our service area. These areas will be subject to a small surcharge on our waivable service fee. As always, this fee will be waived if you choose to go with a repair same-day. Additionally, a Comfort Club Membership in these zones will have exceptional pricing of $192 for the first system and $119 for each additional system.

Which Areas are Included?

Zip codes that will be subject to the aforementioned pricing are as follows (tip: use ctrl+f to quickly search for your zip code):

30328, 30342, 30338, 30341, 30360, 30324, 30350, 30309, 30305, 30340, 30363, 30306, 30345, 30620, 30028, 30534, 30030, 30501, 30507, 30052, 30126, 30075, 30039, 30083, 30084, 30680, 30087, 30047, 30346, 30093

If you live in one of these zip codes and agree with the terms laid out in this e-mail, then we are so very pleased to have you back! If not, we understand completely and we hope you do too.

We thank you for your continued glowing support. Out of all the problems a company can have, too many customers not wanting to look elsewhere for service is one that we are pleased to bear!