Duct Renovation

How Do I Know When I Need My Ductwork Fully Renovated?

Your ductwork is a system of passages that carries air through the vents and then back into your heating or cooling system. Old and failing ducts can cost you tons of extra money on your heating and air conditioning bills. These increased bills are because ducts can become unsealed over time, allowing the air you are paying for to drift off into the atmosphere.

So what's a Buford-area resident to do if they're worried their ducts aren't working correctly? Call Comfort Control Inc. We can see if your ductwork needs repair or a full renovation and provide you with exceptional work for excellent value.

Duct Removation

Duct Cleaning vs. Duct Renovation

As heating and cooling experts, we always urge you to clean your ducts to prevent the build-up of dust, dirt and allergens, and allow for more efficient passage of air throughout your home. But how do you know when cleaning isn't enough?

Our Comfort Control Inc technicians will measure the output of air from each of your vents to determine if the correct amount of air is being pushed into the room. They may find that in addition to cleaning, sealing your ducts will ensure there won't be any leakages.

When our techs renovate a duct system, they are specifically looking for leaks, bent ducts, damaged ducts and unsealed joints. Comfort Control techs will replace any damaged ducts, straighten any bent ducts, check the ducts' suspension and install larger ducts if the vent readings indicate a duct isn't large enough to heat or cool an entire room. Your new duct system will prevent you from losing a large percentage of your heated or cooled air to leaks and improperly sealed joints.

Let Buford's Comfort Control Inc Deliver a Ductwork Renovation To Your Home

Why call Buford's best? Because we treat your home as if it is our own, and we regard any unnecessary spending the way we'd think about money coming out of our own pockets. That's why our duct renovation technician will spend ample time inspecting for leaks and measuring your system's output. We want your duct system to be as efficient as our own. A duct renovation can deliver that efficiency as well as ample savings on utilities.

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