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There are many methods used to clean ductwork today, some much better than others. Many HVAC companies try to throw duct cleaning in as one of their in-house services. Unfortunately, often times these companies use cheap ineffective equipment to clean ducts, like the Roto Brush, which is basically a shop vac with a rotating brush attached. This service is not proper duct cleaning and is a big waste of your time and money.

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Duct cleaning is a specialty service that should only be done by a professional duct cleaning company. A reputable duct cleaning company should be one who uses the proper equipment, has had the appropriate training and is NACDA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) certified as well. Comfort Control is proud to partner with Atlanta’s Best Duct Cleaners. This certified company uses the right methods and tools to properly remove dirt and debris from your ducts with a high-powered truck mounted vacuum, air tools and gentle brushes. They are properly trained on dealing with the fragile ductwork systems and do the job right the first time. By partnering with them, we are able to pass off extra savings to our valued customers, so if you are interested in duct cleaning please continue to contact Comfort Control directly.

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