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For anytime-anywhere reliable comfort, we recommend a mini-split heat pump. During the cold season, this ductless heat pump functions much like a typical heat pump. It collects heat from the exterior air and delivers it into the interior of your home to create a warm and cozy ambience. During the hot season, however, your ductless mini-split changes hats to keep your home comfortably cool. In this way, this unit provides total comfort in any season.

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Enjoy Convenience With Zoning

What exactly is zoning you may ask? It means having the ability to heat or cool different zones in your home individually. Because of the ductless mini split’s design, you can specifically control the temperature in each room where the system is set up. This gives your family extra control over different parts of the home for varying comfort needs and desires.

More Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits:

  • Properly maintained units can have a lifespan of up to 20 years.
  • Their small components make them great for areas where larger units just won’t do.
  • Operating costs can be up to 50% lower than those of traditional units.
  • Both indoor and outdoor units are easy to hide.
  • No ducting means less wasted energy.

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