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Buford AC Installation

A New Cooling System in Gainesville to Perfect Your Indoor Comfort

You know it’s time to put an end to those chronic residential AC repairs and replace your ancient home cooling system with a brand new air conditioning unit. But before you take action, ensure you’re getting the ideal AC installation experience with three major considerations.

  • Professional placement and sizing – This is vital for proper cooling. A unit that is too small will not cool your home enough. But one that is too large will cut on and off too often, causing lowered efficiency and wear. It will also have trouble balancing moisture, which can cause mold.
  • Quality brands and products – This one is a bit obvious, but what is not so obvious is what quality really means. It means, specifically, that equipment should have a long life expectancy, be less prone to breakdowns than average, and have a great bang for its buck.
  • Expert installers – Having a knowledgeable installer is important, but it’s also important to have one that is personable and passionate about their work and who will find ways in which they can improve your comfort.

Comfort Control hits all three check marks. We address all of these concerns and more to deliver an air conditioning installation service in Buford or Gainesville that produces the optimal experience for you.

5 Signs You Should Consider AC Replacement

1. Constant repairs - If you're finding that your AC needs repair after repair, you should call our Buford AC installation experts. When the amount of money you've spent on repairs is equal to or more than it costs to install a new unit, you're better off with a new unit.

2. Not cooling - If your AC isn't cooling, you might want to consider getting a replacement because what else is it doing? There are several reasons why an AC might not be cooling properly and it might just need a repair, but if you have this issue time and time again you should get a new one.

3. Old Age - Most ACs last 10-15 years, so if you've had yours for longer then you should start to consider replacing it. If it's cooling okay, then it's fine but just know that a new AC is around the corner.

4. Humidity- If your AC is doing nothing about that Georgian humidity then you should consult our Buford AC installation specialists. Nothing is worse than sweating from doing absolutely nothing. Your AC is responsible for maintaining a livable environment in your home at all times and if it's not doing that, get a new one.

5. High utility bills - Over time, ACs will become less efficient. That means they'll need to use more energy to keep the environment at your desired temperature. While this isn't something you'll notice from the AC's performance, it is something you'll note when paying your utility bills.

Let Comfort Control Fulfill Your AC Installation Needs

At Comfort Control, not only can we promise great value but we can also explain how we deliver it. All of our Buford AC installation technicians are thoroughly trained to ensure correct AC sizing and proper installations. And we only install products that we know will stand the test of time and give you reliable air conditioning. As the cherry on top, we outdo many companies with our genuine passion and customer service.

Call us today at (770) 999-9658 to learn more about Buford AC installation or to schedule an appointment.

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