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North Georgia Air Conditioning Service

Let Comfort Control Keep You Cool in Buford!

Have you noticed that your air conditioning unit is not running as cold as it once did? Does it take a long time for your home to cool down in the summer? You may benefit from having an experienced cooling professional check out your home’s air conditioning system. At Comfort Control, we know that it is important for your family to stay cool and comfortable all year long. We work with our customers to install, maintain, and repair their home’s air conditioning systems so that their ACs are always running as efficiently as possible.

Our team of trusted, trained, and insured technicians can help you with all of your cooling needs. Call us today at (770) 999-9658 to schedule an appointment.

How a Comfort Control Technician Can Help

Georgia summers are hot, and you should have a dependable cooling system in your home. We know how important it is to come home to comfort, which is why we are proud to offer affordable, reliable services to customers throughout North Georgia.

Comfort Control can help you with:

  • Installing an air conditioning system in your home
  • Upgrading your home’s ducts and vents
  • Maintaining your air conditioner during winter months
  • Repairing broken air conditioning units

Our responsive team of licensed and insured Buford heating and cooling technicians will respond promptly, address your concern, and quickly repair or replace your AC. Stay cool and stay comfortable; work with a Comfort Control professional today.

Come Home to Comfort!

You deserve to feel comfortable during the muggy and warm summer months. Whether you have an emergency repair that needs to happen or if you want to schedule a tune-up, call Comfort Control today and let our team help you. If affordability is a concern for you, check out our Financing page for ways to keep the cost from getting in the way.

We can be reached for an appointment at (770) 999-9658.

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